There are lots of options for eating out.  We will arrange them in order of location: (there is really no such thing as ?formal dining?, but we will indicate relative expensiveness) and will only mention those that have reasonable food. There are other places as well, but these are our favorites.  If you go somewhere else to eat, please let us know what you think of it so we can include it in this list. We have tried to gather up menus from many of these restaruants, and keep them in a plastic folder at the house, on the desk in the dining room.  As well, there are numerous maps, listings, and phone directories for many of the activities.  Feel free to add to our folder! 

Riversdale (about 3 miles north of the house, turn right at the curve): 

Lost Reef Resort has a nice pub / restaurant.   They have a very limited menu with fresh fish, shrimp, burgers, and a daily special.  Get there for dinner by 7pm.  Food is good and very reasonably priced.  Highly recommended. Phone number is 606-7262, website They also will make take-out pizza.  They often have weekend fun days - pool volleyball, entertainment, and live music.

Plantation (the name of the development our house is in):

About a mile south of the house you will find ?The Placencia Hotel and Residences? on the beach side.  It has the most spectacular pool in Belize.  Marco is the co-owner / manager.  You can go during the day to sit by the pool and have lunch in the poolside outdoor bar, or in the evening to the restaurant in the main building or on the dock.  Food is alright though expensive, but service is slow. (520-4110) 

Maya Beach (about 10 minutes south of the house): 

 Maya Beach Hotel is on the beach side of the peninsula.  Their restaurant (Maya Beach Bistro) gets rave reviews.  Highly recommended (we think it is a must!).  It is reasonably priced with fantastic food, nice wine list, and good service. (reservations recommended 520-8040) Closed Mondays.  There is also a restaurant farther south called Singing Sands (520-8022).  It has a Carribean - Korean Influence (if you can believe it) and has quickly become our favorite! Closed Tuesdays. 

Placencia Ocean Club is in the first resort to the south of the Placencia Hotel and has a very good, if somewhat expensive restaurant.  It is newly opened but seems very good.

Mangos is also a favorite.  Good food and reservations are often needed.  Hours and days open are variable and seasonal.

NAIA resort at Cocoplum, between Maya Beach and Seine Bight is a new resort with two restaurants.  Both are relatively expensive but have exceptional food.

Other places include:  Green Parrot, and Jaguar Lanes Bowling. 

Seine Bight

There are only 2 places here that We would suggest.  One is the Nautical Inn, which is on the north end of Seine Bight on the oceanside of the road and has "Pub-food" which is reasonably priced (we have not been there for a while).  An American couple runs the hotel and restaurant, and are very friendly.

TIGER is just on the north side of Sign Bight and has recently changed from Indian to Mexican - we have not been there since the change. 

South of Seine Bight:

Robert?s Grove is an upscale, more expensive, very good restaurant located in the Robert?s Grove Resort just south of Seine Bight.  They often have a Saturday seafood buffet (reservations required?523-3565)

Habenero?s is also run by Robert?s Grove, but is located on the lagoon side of the road, across from the entrance to Roberts Grove.  It has good Mexican food.  There is also a new Belizean style restaurant on the site of the old tennis courts. 

The Flying Pig is a roadside restaurant between Robert's Grove and the airport.  Looks good and popular, though we have not yet stopped there.

South of Airstrip, just north of Placencia Village:

Turtle Inn is a beautiful resort with a lovely open air restaurant.  Italian and seafood menu.  This is Francis Ford Coppola?s resort.  Pricey but the service has not been great lately. Only has Coppola-Niebaum wines.  Reservations recommended (523-3244). We don't bother going there anymore...but hopefully they will improve back to where they were initially.   

Placencia Village:

Dolce Vita is located over Wallen?s market.   It is moderately priced and has Italian food. 

The Secret Garden Cafe is located right next to Wallen's grocery.  Follow the sign and cross the yellow "bridge".  It has great cappucino etc and they are making a name for themselves with really good lunch and dinner specials.

Rumfish Restaurant is a tapas restaurant located above the Placencia Tourist Office. It is highly recommended but is not open for lunch. Phone number is 523-3293, website

Wendy?s restaurant, Pickled Parrot, DeTach, BJ?s restaurant, Barefoot Bar and several others can be found in the village and are good places for lunch. Radi's Fine Food Fast is located across from the police station: she does great lime shrimp and other local dishes. Tutti Frutti also in the white Placencia Tourist Buildings makes great homemade ice cream and gelato?a must!!  There is also a great new specialty coffee shop and annother new restaurant across from the grocer near the beach end on the second floor. 

Dawn's Grill 'N' Go is also a great little snack shop for a quick Carribean Chicken Dinner or Burger - we are often finding ourselves stopping there on the go! 



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