Pool, Beach, Bikes and Dock

We have a 10 X 30 foot pool on the deck.  It is about 5 and 1/2 feet deep throughout.  If you have small children, they can use the lifejackets we keep at the house in the deck storage room.  The pool is not heated but because of the warm climate is very comfortable and even a relief on hot days!   We estimate the pool water temperature at Christmas would be about 76 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celcius) and the ocean temperature about 78 degrees F (25 C) , it will be considerably warmer in the months of February to August! We actually recorded the pool temperature at 91 degrees F (33 C) on a visit in late April!  The light switches for the pool are in the storage room.  We have beautiful color lights that constantly cycle through a rainbow of colors.

The pool does require some regular care.  Melvin does the regular care and maintenance. Because of the strong UV light, chlorine is used up very quickly.  In the deck storage room we keep testing strips, pH reducer, pH raiser, and chlorine tablets are kept in the pump room.  We will have the pool chemicals balanced on your arrival, and Melvin will ensure it is tested intermittently. The pool water level may go down depending on use of the pool (children tend to splash a lot!!) and wind / heat exposure.  If the pool level is below the first row and a half of tiles, please let Melvin know and he will fill it up.  He will run the pump and vacuum the pool regularly.  Please let Melvin know if the pool becomes murky or the pump doesn?t seem to be running?we usually have it on a timer to run for part of each day (about 8am to 4pm). 

We have a lovely 100 foot long dock.  At the end, it has a 12 foot by 18 foot palapa-covered area complete with hammocks and benches.  There are lights on the walkway of the dock which are on a light sensor and there is a light switch for an overhead light under the palapa (we almost never use this though).  There is a lower dock area which is helpful for getting in and out of the water and a ladder off the lower dock.  A whistle is attached to the middle support of the palapa below the light switch to act as an emergency alarm, if people at the house need to be notified quickly.  The palapa is a great place to bird-watch (the pelicans will often put on a great show!) or just relax!

We have caught some reasonable sized fish and crabs right from the dock.  Melvin can also show you how to spear for Barracuda or Snook!  There will be some minimal fishing gear in the storage room.  If you are really interested in serious fishing, however, it is best to have a guide (see if you can arrange it with Loren's father, Orlando) take you out to the reef and as well bring your own equipment - cost is the price of gas plus a surcharge for boat use and Orlando's tip.

We have a 2-person glass bottom kayak, complete with paddles as well as a couple of inflatable 2-person kayaks.   There is also now a single person kayak there.  Please bring them well up onto the beach after use, so it won't get washed away in the tide!   PLEASE do not drag the glass-bottom kayak on the sand and avoid getting any sand in the viewing compartment as it will cause scratches.  Please rinse it with fresh water from the garden hose after it has been used.

There are several sets of snorkels, masks, and fins and lifejackets which are kept in the pool storage room.  You are welcome to use them but we ask that you rinse them in the fresh water tank if they have been used in salt water, and hang them back up after they are dry.  The tank is under the shower palapa at the base of the stairs and the shower/footbath is to be used before going up onto the deck to minimize the sand that is tracked upstairs.

The beach has beautiful white sand and will be raked almost daily by the caretaker while you are there.  The water is shallow and at the end of the dock is about 5 feet deep.  There are both sandy areas and seagrass on the bottom, which can make a great place to see fish.  There are scattered rocks and reefs just off the dock but are particularly dense to the north in the water just off the 3rd dock to the north of us.  The snorkelling is particularily good there and the swim to it is good exercise and you will see many small reefs along the way!  You can also walk along the beach and shorten the swim in that way. Depending on the wave action, it is not always clear enough to snorkel, however.  On other days it will be absolutely crystal clear and you can see 10-15 feet to the bottom without any problem.  Melvin can also help you set up the Volleyball net on the beach - the ball is in the pool storage room.

The beach must be cleared of all articles at night in order to ensure that they don't wander off by 'tievs'!
We also have two single-speed bikes.  They are stored in the garage and can be used - just speak to Melvin.  There are two chain locks on them which MUST be used, even if you leave the bike for only a minute!  The combination is 3208 for both of them.  The bikes are a great way to go shorter distances, especially since the road is paved.  Be careful, however as road traffic will not always give you a lot of space!  Please use the helmets that are there, or bring your own.

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